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Each of us can impact and improve soil health and water quality by implementing essential, individualized best management practices — preserving Indiana’s natural resources today, and securing a future for agriculture’s next generation.

You can make management decisions that maximize productivity while protecting Indiana’s resources.

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Our Goals

Indiana’s Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy

Who we are

The Indiana Agriculture Nutrient Alliance (IANA) is dedicated to keeping Indiana at the forefront of proactive nutrient management and soil health practices that improve farm viability and, ultimately, reduce nutrient loss to water.

Aggressive nutrient reduction targets have been set nationally in waterways Indiana’s croplands drain to, like the Gulf of Mexico and Western Lake Erie Basin. Across the state, a large number of public and private sector agencies and organizations are working toward the same goal — reducing nutrient loss and improving water quality. IANA will focus on bridging multi-partner efforts to create practical, cohesive and significant effect across Indiana.

Shared Solutions

To further the adoption and implementation of practices that optimize nutrient use efficiency and enhance soil health, IANA will focus on four main areas:

Foundation: Shared Goals

Establish goals for statewide practice adoption that encourage fertilizer and nutrient loss reductions.

Collaboration: Shared Opportunities

Communicate IANA partnership organizations’ efforts to strengthen synergies and maximize awareness, support and implementation of NMSH objectives.

Education: Shared Information

Develop best management practice (BMP) educational materials for our farmers and stakeholders to encourage fertilizer and nutrient loss reductions.

Research: Shared Outcomes

Assist partners with pursuing collaborative nutrient-focused research, identifying synergies and compiling outcomes.



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